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Coir is a dirtless growing medium that is shipped in remarkably small packaging. Just add water to expand it into an efficient and effective choice for growing of all types.

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organic coir potting mix with fertilizer

Potting Mix Block

Our potting mix is blended to create an ideal sustainable pot or container growing medium for all plants, including cacti, succulents, natives, shrubs, seedlings, fruits, vegetables and small trees. All indoor and outdoor container-grown plants will benefit from coir.

One block measures just 11 inches square and with water, expands to 30 liters of premium coco coir potting mix. Our revolutionary packaging process make the blocks easy to handle, simple to store and efficient to use.

The package also includes 3 to 4 months of fertilizer and micro-nutrients.

coir potting mix with organic fertilizer

Potting Mix Block with Organic Fertilizer

Our organic potting mix offers all the benefits of the premium potting mix, plus a certified organic fertilizer. Because coir is made from coconut husks, fiber and chip, it is the ideal choice for organic growing.

Its compact size and easy handling enable growers of all sizes to maximize organic growing.

coir mulch and feed mix

Mulch & Feed Blend

Our mulch & feed blend brings the organic benefits of coir to soil beds of all sizes. One small block rehydrates to more than 60 liters of mulch, making it easy to store and efficient to use.

This coir blend retards weed growth and retains water while it stabilizes soil temperature. Like all of our coir blends, it includes a fertilizer package to optimize growth.